Michael has arrived in Ghana!!!

Just a quick update:
I have been at site now for three weeks and have been adjusting to my new environment. This week I received two cooking lessons and feel a little more able to fend for myself (just barely though). I will dedicate an entry to site adjustment soon, I promise, but for now I just wanted to share that MICHAEL HAS MADE IT TO GHANA!!!

After a long journey stateside getting to JFK (including an accidental bus tour through Manhattan enroute between airports), his cross-Atlantic flight turned back, after traveling halfway across the ocean, due to faulty weather radar equipment. Instead of Accra, he took a 9 hour flight from NYC to Atlanta! 14 hours later than expected, his flight finally arrived in Accra. Sadly his checked bag did not, so we await its arrival before heading back toward site. I hate to tell him we have at least 10 hours of ground travel ahead of us to make it home… (As I write this, he is catching up on some sleep before we head to the airport in hopes of collecting his bag.)

We will likely stop in Kumasi on our way back and travel for two days, both for sanity’s sake and so I can stop at the bank there (my closest option) to set-up an ATM card. Everything takes a long time in Ghana, but now I get to relish all those long pauses with my husband! Hooray, Michael is here (for almost 3 months!!!).


10 thoughts on “Michael has arrived in Ghana!!!

  1. Ellen Arnold

    So glad to hear Michael arrived safely, if not quickly. Thinking of you both this summer. You are the coolest couple I know!

  2. Emma Volesky

    So glad Michael is able to spend time with you while you are in Ghana (albeit with hellish travel stories). Stay safe!

  3. Emily & Tim

    We two western desert dwellers are reveling in your travels and the fact that Michael has arrived to join in your thirst for African life! Thanks for the posts and for your specific brand of illustrative voice on the page. We want to sit by your fire and hear you spin tails of true grit and passion and vibrant life from your new and prehistoric land. Feel free to renew your nuptials in the far west every year! Sterling and Ese remain your family, as do we! Emily & Tim

  4. Marianne & Jay

    So excited that Michael has made it. Been thinking about you two. I just now am reading your blog, you do have a way with the written word! It has been some time since your last post. I imagine that you are very busy. I am anxious to read about the great things you are doing there. Keep us posted on your adventure. Sending hugs to all. Marianne & Jay


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